Sunday, 27 October 2013


Verdun is a free-to-play squad-based action online multiplayer first-person-shooter (FPS) game developed by Blackmill Games, set in World War I. Inspired by the WWI battle of Verdun in 1916, with a unique realistic team gameplay.
"Inspired by the ferocious battle of Verdun that took place in 1916, M2H and Blackmill are proud to present Verdun, a unique online first person shooter set during the First World War. Verdun delivers a dedicated World War 1 shooter experience for the first time."

Verdun is developed on the Unity 3D engine, making in cross-platform and available to play on most supported web browsers.

Game website
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  1. no, you idiot. this is not a blasted well free-to-play game you idiot. it clearly says on its website on the the world famous website "steam" it is 19 pounds! and on its website its 25 pounds idiots! so, no idiots. it's not free, idiots.

    1. This is from 2013, idiot.